With Balakrishna’s initiative, Tarakaratna’s wife Alekhya Reddy will soon get a key post..!

The death of Nandamuri Tarakaratna, the youngest, has left the family members in deep grief. Fans are also in mourning. After fighting death for the last 23 days, Tarakaratna finally breathed his last on the day of Shivaratri. Tarakaratna, who excelled as a hero, wanted to make his mark in politics as well. But suddenly the heart problem became serious and death occurred. After Tarakaratna’s death, the burden of the family fell on his wife Alekhya Reddy. It is known that these two are married for love.

She does not seem to be recovering from her husband’s death. Family members are trying to support her. They are trying their best to make her a normal person again. It seems that Balakrishna is getting full support especially for the Tarakaratna family. Although there is no financial problem, she wants to recover from this tragedy as soon as possible. If she is busy in some work but it is difficult to change like before. That is why Balayya is trying to bring her into politics.

This time Tarakaratna thought to contest on behalf of TDP.. But Balayya thinks that Alekhya Reddy should get that opportunity which Tarakaratna did not get. They want to tell Chandrababu to give her a key position in the women’s wing of the Telugu Desam Party and make her contest as an MLA in the next election. Even when Harikrishna passed away in the past, Chandrababu gave MLA ticket to his daughter Suhasini in Telangana. It is reported that Chandrababu will soon take a final decision in the case of Alekhya Reddy as well.

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