With Tarakaratna’s death.. Venu Swami came to the screen again..!!

Renowned astrologer Venu Swamy gives astrology advice to many celebrities in the film industry. Now a video said by Venu Swamy two months ago is going viral. In that video, Venu Swamy said that a young hero and heroine will die soon in the Telugu film industry and their age will be less than 45 years. It is also informed that the heroine of Aries sign Scorpio or the hero of Gemini sign will die.

In an interview, Venu Swamy informed that the hero’s death could be a suicide or a natural death. But now as per the news it is 40 years since Tarakaratna’s death. With this, once again the news of Venu Swamy stopped. But when it is said that the heroine will also die, now the nationals and moviegoers are also wondering who the heroine is.

Venu Swamy informed that they will die in 2027-28. But now a video related to that is going viral. Some netizens also believe that this will happen in the coming days as Venu Swamy said that it happened in the case of many celebrities in the past. There are already reports that Rashmika, Kriti Shetty and other actors have also performed pooja at Venu Swamy. Now this matter is becoming viral.

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