Yama Gola: ‘Yamagola’ with political satires!

Yama Gola: 'Yamagola' with political satires!

Yama Gola: Now we see social media becoming a platform for making jokes on any topic. But, in those days, people used to keep their feelings to themselves or share them with close friends. At that time, cinema people were afraid to satirize the ruling parties. Nataratna Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao used to criticize and satirize contemporary politics in his films. Even today, stories are told about how the country was devastated during the Emergency. NTR’s film ‘Yamagola’ was opened by comparing that regime to ‘tyranny of Yama’ and singing songs interpreting ‘Emergency’ as ‘Yama Urgency’. In this, satires are also heard on the youth Congress leader Sanjay Gandhi. People clapped for the dialogues of ‘Yamagola’. Enjoyed watching again and again. The film was released on October 21, 1977 as a Dussehra gift. This is the first film in which director Tathineni Rama Rao worked with YTR. Renowned cinematographer Y. Venkataratnam has produced this film under the banner of Sri Pallavi Films. This movie made Chakraborty a star music director!

Before that, this ‘Yamagola’ is similar to the story of the film ‘Devantakudu’ which was made in 1960 with YTR as the hero. The hero has a dream in which he travels around Yamalokam and Swargalokam and tries to improve the conditions there. In the same way, this movie was also directed with the help of writer D.V. Narasaraja. If we look into the story of ‘Yamagola’ – Uri President Satyam and former President Rudrayya will not fall. Rudrayya’s philosophy is that a crow cannot rest on that house. Satya is succeeded by Rudrayya’s uncle. Satyam stands in the way of Rudrayya’s wrong doings. Savitri, daughter of Rudrayya, loves Satya. Rudrayya doesn’t like it, he makes a plan to kill Satya. As a part of it, a sorcerer comes and kills Satya. He says that he will make Satyam’s corpse disappear with his magic. With that, Rudrayya and his followers stand guard in front of Satyam’s body. Satyam first goes to heaven and entertains Rambha, Urvashi and Menaka by singing a song that matches the dance. Later he criticizes Devendra too. Then he goes to hell. There Yamadharmaraja argues that Chitragupta’s old work is wrong. He says that the laws of Krit Yuga are invalid. In Yamaloka, he brings consciousness among the Kinkaras and raises a revolution. Yamadharmaraja and Chitragupta declare a holiday to Yamaloka on his instructions. Satyam also comes back to earth and joins Rudrayya’s bed. Yamadharmaraja and Chitragupta come to Andhra in the world and sing many songs. In a case, if he is put in the police station, Satyam will go and free him. Seeing their jewels, Rudrayya tries to steal them. Yama and Chitragupta feel that they want to take the truth with them. According to a plan, Satyam marries Savitri without them remembering him. While blessing the newly wed couple, Yama blesses Savitri saying ‘Dirghasumangali Bhava…’. After that Satyam removes his mask. Satyam says that since she has been blessed with long life, there is no need for him to come with them. Admiring his wisdom, Yamadharmaraja is happy. In this world, Rudrayya brings people to the truth. A fight happens. Finally he will burn the truth. No matter how much it burns, the truth is nothing. He is smiling. Satyam, who was lying like a dead body then, wakes up laughing. Rudrayya, who was guarding it, and his follower, saw it. A person who comes as a magician is also a friend of truth. He goes and gets the police and tries to arrest Rudrayya for murder. Rudrayya says that he will marry his daughter and not file a case. Ok says Satyam. The story ends happily with Satyam marrying Savitri. Rudrayya is stunned when the police who came to arrest Rudrayya are also fake.

This is Jayaprada’s fourth film opposite Yntr. Earlier three films ‘Adaviramudu, Chanakya-Chandragupta, Story of Two’ were also released in the same year. Among them, ‘Adaviramudu’ was a blockbuster, and this ‘Yamagola’ was also a sensational success. In some centers it collected more than ‘Adaviramudu’. Satyanarayana, Allu Ramalingaiah, Rao Gopala Rao, Jaggarao, Nirmalamma, Jhansi, Jayamalini, Chhayadevi, Prabhakar Reddy, Kantha Rao, Manjubhargavi and others acted. While Chakraborty composed the music for this film, Srisree, C. Narayana Reddy, Veturi and Veturi sang the songs. The songs like “Olammi Tikkareginda…”, “Chilakakottu Kodite Chindana…”, “Adave Andala Surabhavmini…”, “Vayasu Musurukosanyadi…”, “Samaraniki Nade Pandu…”, “Gudivada Paanu… Guntur Poyaanu…” in this song made the crowd go wild. People expressed their happiness by giving small coins to the songs in it.

The movie ‘Yamagola’ saw its centenary in 28 centers in its first release and later in two more centres. Direct Jubilee was celebrated in Bhimavaram. Silver festival was held in five other centres. It was exhibited in Hyderabad and Vijayawada centers for about 40 weeks.

The film’s matrika should be called ‘Devantakadu’. The film is based on the 1958 Bengali film ‘Jamalaye Jibanta Manush’. Following the success of ‘Yamagola’, this film was produced in Hindi under the name ‘Lok-Paralok’ by Venkataratnam under the direction of Tatineni Rama Rao with Jeetendra and Jayaprada. In Tamil, Sivajiganesan played a dual role as the hero and Yamadharmaraja, and it was remade with the name ‘Yamanukku Yaman’. It was directed by D.Yoganand. Both these films did not entertain much. With the inspiration of ‘Yamagola’, films like ‘Yamudi Mogudu’ with Chiranjeevi as hero, ‘Yamalila’ with Ali, and ‘Yamagola again started with Srikanth’ were made in the following days. It can be said that this ‘Yamagola’ also inspired Rajamouli’s ‘Yamadonga’ with Jr. YTR. The song “Olammi Tikkareginda…” from ‘Yamagola’ was remixed in ‘Yamadonga’. It is even more special that the song is sung by Junior Yntr!

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