Yama Kinkarudu: ‘Yamakinkarudu’ brought Chiranjeevi to the masses

Yama Kinkarudu: 'Yamakinkarudu' brought Chiranjeevi to the masses

Yama Kinkarudu: Megastar Chiranjeevi starrer films are coming with gap now. But once upon a time when Chiranjeevi was a budding hero, his films were released every week. There was a case where both the films were released on the same day. Similarly, in October 1982, four films starring Chiranjeevi were released in just three weeks. On the same day, ‘Patnam Vanda Pativratatu’ and ‘Tingurangadu’ were released, while ‘Billa-Ranga’ was released two weeks after the release of those films. The week of the release of this movie, ‘Yamakinkaradu’ stood in front of the crowd. ‘Yamakinkaradu’ is the film that brought Chiranjeevi closer to the masses. Before that Allu Aravind produced the film ‘Shubhalekha’ with Chiranjeevi and then produced this film ‘Yamakinkarudu’ under the banner of ‘Geeta Creative Arts’. On October 22, 1982, the film was released as a Dussehra gift.

Vijay and Kishore are sincere police officers. Both of them together arrest the jackal gang which is doing murders and human violations. Jackal will be jailed. Jackal says that when he comes to jail, he will see the end of both of you. Vijay loves Kishore’s younger sister Radha. Kishore marries both of them. A baby will be born to them. Kishore plays with his nephew. Jackal gang escapes from prison. The gang will kill Kishore first. In the last moments, Kishore dies in his friend Vijay’s lap. When Vijay goes to his office, a gang of jackals attack his house and want to kill his wife and child. She escapes. She goes and meets the above police officer and begs him to get her husband. She asks Vijay to resign from his job anyway. He says ok. Knowing that Radha is scared, Vijay takes her to her uncle’s house. They will be happy there. Vijay wanders around to see the end of the jackal. He comes with his gang to where Radha and Babu are. He grabs the child. Uncle Radha loses his life while saving Babu. The jackal gang takes Babu away after injuring Radha. Vijay goes in search of them. Vijay fights to the death with the jackal gang. Finally he gets his son. He kills the jackal by making him fall under the train. The story ends with Vijay reaching his wife in the hospital with Babu.

Chiranjeevi, Radhika, Sarath Babu, Jaggaiah, Satyanarayana, RS Sudarshan, Telephone Satyanarayana, Dham, Jayamalini, Silk Smitha and Ishwari acted in it. Producer Allu Arvind made this story by combining Hollywood movie ‘Dirty Harry’ and Australian movie ‘Mad Max’. Baburao wrote the words for this film, while Arudra and Veturi sang the songs. Music composed by Chandrasekhar. This movie is directed by Raj Bharat. The songs like “Tappuko Tamko Polisenkatasamy..”, “Mata Mata Chinna Mata..”, “Kantiki Nuvuve Dipam.. You are the form of dreams..”, “Hoyamma Hoyamma.. Vaiyaram..” in this song are impressive. This movie got good openings. The film saw commercial success. Chiranjeevi became more accessible to the masses with this film. After that many maas masala films were opened with him.

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